Bailliages Contacts


The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is organised internationally by national, provincial and local Bailliages. A National Bailliage usually denotes a country, a Provincial Bailliage a region within that country and a Local Bailliage a city or town within the National or Provincial Bailliage. Bailliages are run under the control of a president, known within the Chaîne as the 'Bailli Délégué'.


List of our National Bailliages, Baillis Délégués and their contact details.

National Office
M. Paul Ernst WYSS
Bailli Délégué
More information
M. Chang-Wei HUNG
Dr. Winnie M. SONG
M. Heinz Theodor STIFTL
Chargé de Missions
M. Ching-Long HUANG
Chargé de Missions
M. Cheng-Yeh LIANG
Chargé de Missions
M. Oliver Theo KRAUS
Chargé de Missions
M. Veng-Pou Paul HO
Chargé de Missions
Mme Dorothy Ay-Yuan HUNG